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Here is why I'm a Simms advocate

Ahh, spring steelhead season has finally arrived.  The steelhead are slowly trickling in the river from the lake. My favorite time of the year has begun. Winter has started to release its icy grip. I start gearing up for the next day. I replenish my steelhead pack with bobbers, line, hooks, beads, sinkers and waxworms. My pack is ready to go. I pick up my favorite rod and reel, making sure it’s in top condition and sit it next to my pack. I hook my net to my pack then head for my wading jacket, waders and wading boots. Perfect, I’m all set.

I’m up early the next morning, eager to head out. It’s only a ten-minute drive to my steelhead destination. My truck hasn’t even fully warmed up by the time I arrive. Snow is still on the ground. The steelhead bite will be tough today because of the cold overnight temperatures.

I know the exact spot I’m going to fish. Fully geared up now, I head down a well beaten path. Only a short distance away, I arrive to my steelhead hole. I step into the water, slowly making my way into the middle of the river. That’s when I felt the coldness seeping into my body. I try to ignore it; the steelhead are waiting for me. I fish for several hours, finally catching my limit, but I’m frozen. I get back to my truck and start shedding off my waders. My thermal gear and pants are soaked from the crotch down my left leg. This can't be happening. I cannot be out a pair of waders during steelhead season. I could go buy another pair to get me through, but most sport shops don’t carry a medium tall size.

I arrive at home and immediately get on the phone with Simms customer service, Max. I’ve had my Simms waders for about four seasons but I was still hoping Simms would still help me out. I explain my situation and stated I could not be without waders during this critical time. He is a fisherman also, so he knew exactly what I was going through. Max walked me through the steps trying to figure out exactly where the leak was located. The last step was to dip the waders in water. Once the bathtub was filled, Max placed a video call to me. I placed the waders in the water for him to see if the leak could be patched or the waders had to be replaced. Unfortunately, the waders had to be returned and fixed at the factory.  That’s when the conversation turned to: What am I going to do now? I think he heard the desperation in my voice. He said he would check their inventory to see what’s available. When he came back on the line, he assured me they had medium tall in stock. He instructed me to keep my waders and he would expedite me a new pair for a very good price. Simms was doing everything they could to keep me fishing.

Yes, I had another day of cold fishing, but Simms had my new waders to me in only two days. I then sent my leaking pair back to Simms and received them back about two weeks later.

When you go on-line or into a sport shop and you see Simms, I would highly recommend buying their gear. Before buying Simms, I was going through a pair of waders a year.  Simms is on the pricey side but it is designed by fishermen so its tough and durable. In my opinion Simms is also second to none on their customer service which is almost unheard of in this day and age.

Thank you, Simms, for keeping me fishing.

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